The ultimate digital eGift for your business

MicroGifts can be fully customised to your business with personalised messages, multiple images and your company’s brand.

The MicroGifts platform makes sending a digital prepaid gift easy, affordable and instant! MicroGifts combines the freedom of Mastercard with the convenience of Apple and Google Pay.

MicroGifts - the most agile digital gift


Ultimate creativity

Add multiple messages & images


Instantly connect

Dynamic messages in Real Time


Your company logo

Build your brand into each gift


Create custom templates

A tailored experience


Digital Mastercard

Freedom of choice


Live balance builder

Save or spend on a single card


Instantly send & spend

Digital Mastercard in store & online

More smiles for your business

Instantly and cost-effectively respond to opportunities to motivate and empower your employees and customers with instant rewards and acknowledgement like never before.
Only MicroGifts are fully personalised, sent and received instantly and redeemed anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
The MicroGifts platform offers unique online controls and reporting.

People will soon forget what you said, rarely do they forget how you made them feel.

Digital gifting breaks barriers

Instantly send multiple gifts from your PC or phone, recipients load gifts direct to their mobile wallet via Apple Pay and Google Pay and redeem anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
MicroGifts is the ‘next gen’ digital gifting platform for creating and sending personalised gifts to one, or to many.
Our live reporting dashboard controls spend, provides tracking and enables bulk sending. Result: fast, convenient and affordable gifting.

Why MicroGifts is the next-gen digital gift card leader


Instantly send & spend
Digital Mastercard in store & online


End to End Tracking
Complete visibility


Send from PC or mobile
Empower live recognition


Send from $5
Choose your value


Tap & Go
Easy to use on your mobile


Send to 1 or Many
Save Time & Money


Single Digital Platform
One simple solution


Zero Plastic
Saves Costs & the Planet

When a simple reward is perfectly timed, the outcome can be extraordinary.