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Employee Service Awards

Recognise your employees with Service Awards.

Recognise loyal service with Employee Service Awards

Recognise your loyal employees with a personalised service award based on years of service. Employee engagement is the key to building a successful business, so rewarding staff for building your business over time will be beneficial to you.

A MicroGift reward can be sent instantly using our scheduling feature to each employee on the anniversary of their service:

  • 1 – 3 – 5 – 10 – 15 Year service anniversary awards are the most common.
  • The MicroGift can be personalised to include the recipient’s name & your brand.
  • Employee service awards could be sent with a personalised message from the leadership team.

Find out how your business can reward loyalty with employee service awards here.

Employee Service Awards

Celebrate staff birthdays everyday!

Celebrating staff birthdays and significant milestones with a company branded MicroGifts is an effective way of embracing your staff and showing you care.

A MicroGift can be sent & received instantly on their Birthday.

You can upload in one load and program to send MicroGifts on different nominated dates, so you can set and forget knowing delivery is covered on the right day.

Happy Birthday’s on the right day every-time!

Employee Service Awards

Celebrate great staff service achievements

Employee Service Awards can be used just for recognising great service provided to your customers by your staff.

  • Customer Service Award – as a monthly award.
  • Beyond the Call – providing extra support.
  • Provide instant recognition back to those in your business who may not be front of mind or even in the same office.

MicroGifts allows you to completely customise and personalise your reward instantly to send from your mobile device or PC.

Employee service awards

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