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Take your employee's engagement to a new level.

Reward your staff for performance & engagement

Employee engagement is the key to building a successful business, but it doesn’t always come easy. As employees adapt to new flexible and socially distanced workplaces, businesses also need to adapt to new ways to engage with their staff.

A MicroGift can be sent to instantly engage with your team – a simple $5 thank you for zooming in or contributing can help forge stronger relationships remotely.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is the biggest driver of staff engagement

Recognising staff birthdays, service anniversaries, and significant milestones with MicroGifts is an effective way of embracing your staff.

A MicroGift can be sent & received instantly. Also, with the ability to upload and send MicroGifts on nominated dates, you can set and forget knowing delivery is covered.

Staff Rewards

Make an impact and recognise your employees

Awards for service level KPI’s, customer service excellence or safety & compliance, can provide instant recognition back to those in your business who may not be front of mind or even in the same office.

MicroGifts allows you to completely customise and personalise your reward instantly from your mobile device or PC.

Employee service awards

Energise your Internal Sales Teams

MicroGifts is the tool you need to re-energise your sales teams and in turn, accelerate your business. Reward specific measurable achievements such as lead generation, sales conversions, or new customer signings.

With our balance building feature, MicroGifts is ideal for rewarding incremental sales efforts such conversion sprints, add on sales, or up selling. The more MicroGifts you receive, the more you can spend!

Up-selling - Employee Incentives

Recognise project milestones within your organisation

Completing significant projects can at times go unrecognised. Particularly when extra resources and commitments are required by your team to get the job done.

Take your team out to a group lunch or social gathering and say thank you with MicroGifts. The plus side? You can streamline your business expense compliance.

Employee Recognition

Empower your staff with Peer to Peer Recognition

Using the MicroGifts app, you can equip your staff with the ability to reinforce behaviours as they occur. Staff can instantly send a MicroGift to workers performing above & beyond, fixing an urgent issue, or going the extra yard to save a client.

Empowering your mangers & staff to give MicroGifts from their mobile app allows positive behaviours to be recognised and rewarded as they occur. Now that’s making an impact.

Save backend paperwork to support employee expenses

Send daily allowances direct to an employee before they travel to eliminate receipts and reimbursements. You could even send a gift for overtime dinners or taxi travel allowances direct to employees to use in real time.

Sending a MicroGift prior to the expense being incurred simplifies administration documentation and reimbursements. With MicroGifts reporting capabilities, you will also be able to view who, when and to whom the MicroGift was issued. Easy!

Employee Expenses

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