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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition that drives engagement.

Recognise your employees for their hard work.

Employee Recognition Awards allow a business to align a culture of staff engagement with performance. Common ideas for staff recognition awards include:

  • Employee of the month awards
  • Quarterly CEO awards
  • Monthly support awards
  • Thank You for specific efforts
  • Safety Awards
  • Training awards
  • Certification awards

Awards for service level KPI’s, customer service excellence or safety & compliance can provide instant recognition back to those in your business who may not be front of mind or even in the same office.

MicroGifts allows you to completely customise and personalise your rewards instantly from your mobile device or PC.

Employee recognition

Recognition awards for your key support teams shows your appreciation of their efforts.

Recognising support staff & teams is an important part of building a winning culture. Awards that recognise contributions that otherwise would remain hidden is key to getting broad engagement across an organisation.

  • Support person of the month ( from each team)
  • Customer Service Team of the month
  • Support Team of the month – IT, accounting, logistics, HR,

Send a MicroGift the team manager to shout a group lunch, or just recognise people and say thank you individually with a MicroGift.

Employee Recognition

Easily recognise remote staff to drive engagement

Employee engagement is the key to building a successful business, but it doesn’t always come easy. As employees adapt to new flexible and WFH environments, businesses also need to adapt to new ways to engage with their staff.

  • Shout a lunch
  • Buy them a coffee
  • Provide a small family celebration dinner

A MicroGift can be sent to instantly engage with your team – a simple $10 thank you for zooming in or contributing can help forge stronger relationships remotely.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is the biggest driver of staff engagement

Recognising staff with a small gift on personal milestones will show that you care. Popular milestone recognition rewards include:

  • Birthdays
  • Service anniversaries
  • On job acceptance
  • Probation expiry
  • Farewell Presents

MicroGifts is an effective way of embracing your staff.

A MicroGift can be sent & received instantly. Also, with the ability to upload and send MicroGifts on nominated dates, you can set and forget knowing delivery is covered.

Staff Rewards

Empower your staff with Peer to Peer Recognition

Using the MicroGifts app, you can equip your staff with the ability to reinforce behaviours as they occur. Staff can instantly send a MicroGift to workers performing above & beyond, fixing an urgent issue, or going the extra yard to save a client.

Popular peer to peer awards include:

  • Thanks for your help
  • Mystery shopping rewards
  • On site manager rewards
  • Getting rewarded for positive contribution, “Great Job”
  • “Beyond the Call” behaviours beyond the jobs (working late or weekends)

Empowering your mangers & staff to give MicroGifts from their mobile app allows positive behaviours to be recognised and rewarded as they occur. Now that’s making an impact.

Recognise project milestones within your organisation

Completing significant projects can sometimes go unrecognised, particularly when extra resources and commitments are required by your team to get the job done.

  • Project team completion team celebrations
  • Project individual recognition for contributions
  • Project milestone recognition “Phase 1 complete”

Take your team out to a group lunch or social gathering and say thank you with MicroGifts.

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