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EOFY rewards, budget now – send later

April 29, 2022
It’s that time of year where incentives and rewards are given to the team to drive end of financial year results or simply spend allocated rewards budgets. But how do you incentivise your team that…

Four mobile wallets statistics that will change the way you reward

April 12, 2022
With digital gift cards popularity on the rise, so too are the use of mobile wallets. With the growing uses of smartphones and contact-less services, many businesses are opting for a digital rewards solution that…

Easy ways to increase employee loyalty

March 31, 2022
Strengthening employee loyalty is essential for the long-term success of any business.  Not only will it decrease turnover costs, but it can also boost productivity, increase efficiency, and provide a much more stable work environment.…

The top 5 MicroGift rewards

March 15, 2022
Employee rewards and recognition has been a focus point for many businesses in recent times. Businesses are utilising technology to expand the way they reward and recognise their staff to retain loyalty and expand engagement.…

The benefits of having one digital rewards program for your business

February 24, 2022
Digital gift cards are becoming Australia’s favourite way to reward staff. While staff love the personal flexibility & choice that gift cards provide, your business can also save time and costs by using a centralised…

Case Study – Melbourne Charity experiences the true convenience of going digital over physical

February 4, 2022
As Melbourne closed the door on another forgettable pandemic year, a Melbourne charity thought of a new way to reward their tireless employees… many who gave their time for free. Christmas parties and end of…