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Digital Cash Gift Cards:

Instant, Easy, and Accepted Everywhere.

Simply click, send, and the recipient can instantly save to their mobile wallet.
Spend anywhere MasterCard is accepted, directly from their mobile wallet.

What is Digital Cash?

Digital Cash is your ultimate hassle-free Mastercard, seamlessly integrating with your virtual wallet on your smartphone and functioning as a prepaid payment card for effortless transactions. Use for your own personal use (no credit checks required) or use to send gifts to others.

“With Digital Cash, your phone transforms into a convenient and secure Prepaid Mastercard, streamlining the way you manage and gift money, no credit checks, no stress.”


Coming Soon

Spending Money

Easy Gifting for the Younger Generation

Our Spending Money service makes gifting to the younger generation quick and digital. Load funds directly to their mobile wallets – perfect for those spontaneous gift moments.

Always handy on their phone for any adventure.

Top-Up MicroGifts

Micro Gifts

You will have already received a MicroGift from your employer or maybe from even from a Company where you are a customer.

You can simply top-up your existing account yourself.

Ideal for managing those small, everyday expenses smoothly without cluttering your bank statements.

Key Features

Universal Acceptance

Shop In-Store and Online Wherever Mastercard is Welcome

Reliable and Safe

Your Money is Protected, With No Worries of Loss

Secure Reserve

Keep Emergency Funds Safely on Your Phone

Seamless Reloads

Top-Up Your Single Mastercard Easily In-Store or Online From $25.00