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Loyalty Programs for your customers that work.

Simple loyalty programs that harness the power of rewards.

Love your existing clients by rewarding loyalty

It is often said that it is 10 times cheaper to keep to an existing customer than to find a new customer! Loyalty programs can be an effective way of keeping your existing customers.

Customer loyalty reward ideas that work:

  • Thank You – “We appreciate your business & support”
  • Customer Delights – Unexpected gifts, “enjoy a celebration on us”
  • Christmas Client Gifts – Share your business celebrations
  • Christmas Shouts – don’t send alcohol, send a Team Celebration gift
  • Thanks for Renewing – a quick acknowledgement of relationships

A perfect opportunity to say “Thank You” to the very people that make your business what it is. Send a personal “Thank You” to your clients when they reorder, renew, or just stay loyal.

MicroGifts enables the ability to bulk upload hundreds of client details to send instantly, so your gifts arrive on-time, every-time

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Recognising your external staff & support teams

Many businesses use a service model where external partners represent them regularly with customer & clients.

If your business uses external partners for customer service, logistics, or support, then recognising loyalty with the actual staff who represent your brand can be difficult.

Some ideas for recognising external support staff include:

  • Thank You
  • Congratulations – Employee of the Month awards
  • Contract signing bonus for job well done
  • Project rollout completion bonus
  • New model or campaign launch “Thanks You’s”
  • Christmas gift for external support staff

Regardless of their city, office, or remote location, MicroGifts allows you to recognise external support staff instantly direct to their mobile.

MicroGifts allows you to reward external parties without the need for payroll or expense processing – simply recognise & reward to an email address or mobile.

Loyalty Programs

Showing appreciation to External Partners

Collaboration with External Partnerships can be difficult. MicroGifts is the perfect tool your business needs to make the partnership successful. Instantly say “thank you” or celebrate a milestone together, direct with partner staff or teams.

Recognition is key for a successful business. With MicroGifts, we believe that when a gift is perfectly timed, the outcome can be extraordinary. Therefore, you can include external partners in your loyalty programs to build up your business!

Stand out to potential clients

With MicroGifts, you can provide incentives to meet, trial or test drive new products and therefore better connect with potential clients. MicroGifts also enables you to instantly send incentives to recipients for completing reviews or surveys.

MicroGifts can add a level of engagement beyond the basic EDM, placing value on the message so that it elicits engagement and retention.

Loyalty Programs

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