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FBT on Gift Cards

Your guide to FBT on Gift Cards.

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FBT on gift cards
FBT on Gift Cards - A Summary

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) rules for Gift Cards are guided by the ATO. FBT, if applicable, is paid by employers at a tax rate or 47% on certain benefits provided beyond remuneration.

FBT exemptions are covered under the ‘Minor Benefit Exemption’ guidelines. In principle, where an employer buys a voucher/gift card and uses it to reward an employees, FBT guidelines apply.

To be exempt from the FBT rules, there are specific guidelines & important considerations for a business to be aware of.

Fill in the form above to learn the important exemptions that you should be aware of in minimising your FBT exposure for your staff rewards. Our guide will provide you with the key steps to building an FBT effective Reward & Recognition Program for your employees.

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FBT on gift cards