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About us

MicroGifts is an Australian Fintech.

The mobile Digital Revolution has been re-shaped in the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the rise in popularity of Digital Payment Wallets (eg. Apple Pay, Google Pay) during the pandemic, MicroGifts exclusively utilises these widely accepted mobile payments platforms.

MicroGifts is a world leading Product as a Service (PaaS) technology platform that uses the latest payment innovations to provide Instant Reward & Recognition feedback direct to a recipient’s mobile phone. MicroGifts allow businesses to instantly provide Recognition and Rewards equally to staff, clients and customers in their business – to drive employee engagement, company values and achievement of essential objectives.

The Founders have over 50 years’ combined experience in the Prepaid Industry in Australia and Asia. Initially pioneering the mobile prepaid industry in Australia, they moved to the Gift Card industry in the new millennial. Starting with the establishment of the Retail 3rd party industry in Australia selling Gift Cards through retail partners such as Australia Post, Woolworths, Coles and Myer.

The company grew from a start-up in 2007, to generating over $3 Billion in sales pa. Whilst providing distribution for major brands including iTunes, Google, JB Hi-Fi, Myer and many others. Soon after, with the introduction of prepaid Visa & Eftpos cards, they pioneered the open loop category in retail with this product now being the most dominant category in Australia.

Since 2008, the founders led the introduction of prepaid gift cards in many South East Asia countries including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

As part of the journey in 2007, one of the founders set-up an exclusive B2B distributor of Gift Cards. The business thrived whilst servicing many of Australia’s largest corporate organisations including Telstra, BHP and Atlassian, amongst many others.

The most popular product became Prepaid Visa cards, due to the ability to provide the recipient with the freedom to be used anywhere from a roadhouse in the outback to a 5 star restaurant.

The experience in supplying large businesses with physical gifts cards led to the realisation that the digital path would be a far more effective method using an Open loop product such as Mastercard to enhance the Reward and Recognition user experience and maximise value for the client.

The pathway to the final platform development was to develop the best customer experience possible, while providing the flexibility and controls that every business appreciates and requires.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with the best ROI in the Rewards & Recognition industry, while at the same time, providing the ultimate in customisable products that maximises the recipient’s engagement with the client.

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