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Referral Program Rewards

Referral program rewards that build your business.

The largest source of new clients is referrals

Utilise a referral program to reward your silent sales team – your clients!

Accelerate your referral processes by rewarding clients who connect you to other businesses. Referrals are generally the lowest cost of acquisition of new business clients, so accelerating the process and rewarding the participants by using MicroGifts can pay big dividends.

Reward Clients & Customers for referring contacts to your business.

  • Casual reward referral to say “thanks”
  • Proactive customer referral offers – Refer & we will give a reward
  • Refer a friend offers
  • Contract Renewal Rewards – When a customer renews a service contract
  • Cross divisional referral –  Rewarding sales people for referring to the leasing division work well in Real Estate

Client engagement is the key to building a successful business, but it doesn’t always come easy – a simple recognition & thank you can help forge stronger relationships.

MicroGifts allows a quick acknowledgement of referrals without the logistical headaches associated with physical rewards.

Referral Program

Simple Cashbacks offers

Cashbacks are a popular way to promote sales

Cashbacks are a defined reward claimed after the initial sale process is complete. Businesses love cashback because they maintain RRP’s, but can create urgency in non-peak periods or for new products.

Clients’ love Cashbacks as they are often perceived as a personal bonus, free to spend anywhere they like!

The most successful Cashback campaign in Australia is the Fujitsu Air Conditioning – $400 cashback digital gift card. Fronted by Mark Taylor, Fujitsu have run this winter campaign to overcome seasonal demand for over 5 years.

Popular Cashback include:

  • Buy now & get $20 cashback automated (generally lower value)
  • Buy now & redeem you cashback $200 manual verified (higher value)
  • Add an extra service & get $100 cashback.
  • Buy your truck now & get $1,000 towards fuel for your truck.

B2B Cashbacks tend to incentivise individuals that are ordering on behalf of a business.

MicroGifts allows you to run your own simple Cashback promotion on products without all the headaches & logistics normally associated with trade promotions.

Referral Program, Cashback offer

Incentise potential clients

With MicroGifts, you can provide incentives to meet, trial or test drive new products and therefore better connect with potential clients. MicroGifts also enables you to instantly send incentives to recipients for completing reviews or surveys.

Popular customer incentives include;

  • Testing or trialing Incentives
  • Appointment setting rewards
  • Google review Incentives
  • Customer survey rewards

So, MicroGifts can add a level of engagement beyond the basic invitation, placing value on the message that elicits engagement and retention.

Love your existing clients by rewarding loyalty

A perfect opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to the very people that make your business what it is. Send a personal Thank You to your clients when they reorder products, renew contracts, or just for their loyalty.

You can use MicroGifts to even contact old clients with a ‘Remember Us’ MicroGifts offer, because this will bring your business to the top of mind of your clients.

MicroGifts enables bulk uploads of hundreds of client details to send instantly for your referral program.

Referral Program

Help nurture new client relationships

Building relationships over time is a challenging part of the client acquisition process. Using tools such as a MicroGifts ‘Thank You’ at the end of a meeting or as part of a follow up can provide that genuine valued reason to contact prospective clients and be remembered.

Set yourself apart to new clients with a personalised MicroGift. Be remembered by including an image of what you discussed, their favourite café spot or even an image of their favourite music star.

Referral Program

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