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Employee Incentives

Employee incentives that drive business performance.

Sales Incentives that turbo charge profit!

Sales people require constant feedback and recognition on sales achievements beyond pay & commission.

Sales incentives can provide added focus on goals that are short term, such as:

  • Sales Sprints – Short term bonus for end of month
  • Spivs – Short term sales incentives on specific products
  • Sales Bonus – Additional bonus reward to motivate action
  • Lead Generation Rewards – Reward Staff for finding leads for your sales team

MicroGifts are great employee incentives as they are seen a personal rewards. Not pay or commission, but the incentives are viewed as discretionary bonuses to be spent on themselves.

With our balance building feature, MicroGifts is ideal for rewarding incremental sales efforts such conversion sprints, add on sales or up-selling.

Therefore, the more MicroGifts you receive, the more you can spend!

Up-selling - Employee Incentives

Reward your staff for performance & engagement

Reward your silent sales team – everyone in your business.

Reward staff for selling your referrals across your business – examples include:

  • Contract Renewal Rewards – When Customer Service or Support renew a service contract.
  • Cross Selling Rewards – Customer Service sales referral rewards for cross selling new services
  • Upselling Rewards – Referral Rewards for selling better products or services
  • Cross divisional referral –  Rewarding Sales people for referring to the leasing division work well in Real Estate

Across the business, employee engagement is the key to building a successful business, but it doesn’t always come easy – so a simple recognition & thank you can help forge stronger relationships.

Sales Referral Award

Make an impact and recognise your employees

Staff love gift card incentives as they are often tax free !

Sharing success financially with staff rewards loyalty and contributions beyond pay. MicroGifts and gift cards generally separate special reward incentives from regular pay.

Effective Employee Incentives Rewards include:

  • Staff Christmas Bonus
  • Staff Christmas Gifts
  • Employee EOFY Bonus “Thank You”
  • New Year Bonus “Let’s celebrate”
  • Project Bonus – “Great Effort”

Gifts under $300 are generally exempt from personal tax – so the employee gets to enjoy the fully value of the gift.

Better still, if the gifts are under $300 they can be tax free to the business! That’s right – no FBT, no payroll tax and no super. So, if you follow the ATO guidelines your business can pamper your employees without a tax hangover.

See our news article for more information or check the ATO website.

Employee service awards

Save backend paperwork to support employee expenses

MicroGifts can provide an easy way to manage staff expenses, particularly where staff are remote and on the move.

  • No need for company credit cards.
  • Eliminate expense claims and processing

Popular type of employee expense reimbursements:

  • Overtime dinners & taxis
  • Per Diem Expense – provide a daily living allowance in advance
  • Daily allowance for expenses
  • Parking allowance
  • Customer Coffee allowances
  • Miscellaneous expenses – urgent batteries, office supplies etc

Send daily allowances direct to an employee before they travel to eliminate receipts and reimbursements. You could even send a gift for overtime dinners or taxi travel allowances direct to employees to use in real time.

Sending a MicroGift prior to the expense being incurred simplifies administration documentation and reimbursements. With MicroGifts reporting capabilities, you will also be able to view who, when and to whom the MicroGift was issued. Easy!

Employee Expenses

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