How does it work?

MicroGifts - from sending to spending in four easy steps

01. Send a MicroGift using the platform or app
02. Receive a digital Mastercard
03. Save to your mobile digital wallet
04. Spend using Tap’n’Go or online

As a ‘Platform as a Service’ technology, MicroGifts is hosted in the cloud & can be accessed from anywhere.

We individually configure our platform with all your individual business details for your rewards and communication requirements.

The Platform allows you to create multiple reward programmes, products and messages.

  • Send to one or many at once
  • Create one image – multiple values
  • Create multiple images – multiple values
  • Create as many Products as you need
  • Create pre-set message for pre-set date
Add my headline
Add my image and the value
Add my message
Add my logo

The MicroGifts Platform is built in a mobile first environment with digital technology that suits our busy modern world.

The PaaS cloud technology is designed for maximum productivity to ensure 99.9% uptime, ultimate cyber security and peace of mind. Using Digital Mastercard for our redemption network, we are able to offer instant redemption anywhere (in store, & online).

The recipient’s mobile digital wallets (Apple Pay / Google Pay) holds the Mastercard until it is required for use, just like a physical card. Using the mobile phone NFC capability the card can then be used using contactless Tap’n’Go.

The Platform is designed to give you hands on control over your programs, with live program balances and reporting. Budgets can be allocated by program, user and cost centre.

We can set up multiple users in your business with user profiles access tailored to your requirements. User budgets & spends can be limited, plus user profiles can be set to limit spend per card.

Users can also be granted bulk sending access or mobile app access for sending on the go.

The MicroGifts platform facilitates function reporting by program, user & cost centre.

You can compare spend over a period against budgets and remaining balances. You can also show for each card which mobile number or email cards they have been sent.

MicroGifts reporting can also be used internally to help calculate employer obligations for FBT reporting purposes.