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Channel Partner Rewards Programs

Simple Channel Partner Reward Programs.

Showing appreciation to External Partners

Collaboration with External Partnerships can be difficult. MicroGifts is the perfect tool your business needs to make the partnership successful. Instantly say ‘thank you’ or celebrate a milestone together, direct with partner staff or teams.

Recognition is key for a successful business. With MicroGifts, we believe that when a gift is perfectly timed, the outcome can be extraordinary. So, sign up today to use MicroGifts to boost your channel partner rewards program.

Channel Partner Rewards

Recognising your external support team

If your business uses external partners for customer service, logistics, or support, recognising the actual staff who represent your brand can be demanding. Regardless of their city, office, or remote location, MicroGifts allows you to recognise external support staff instantly direct to their mobile.

Your support staff will feel appreciated and valued for the work they do for your business. Thus, these rewards will encourage loyalty and positive associations with the business.

MicroGifts also allows you to reward external parties without the need for payroll or expense processing – simple recognise & reward to an email address. Therefore, channel partner rewards couldn’t be easier with MicroGifts.

Channel Partner Rewards

Love your existing clients by rewarding loyalty

A perfect opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to the very people that make your business what it is. Send a personal ‘Thank You’ to your clients when they reorder, renew, or just stay loyal. Use MicroGifts to even contact old clients with a ‘Remember Us’ MicroGifts offer.

MicroGifts enables you to bulk upload hundreds of client details to send instantly. So, sending a digital gift couldn’t be simpler for your business!

Channel Partner Rewards

The largest source of new clients is referrals

Accelerate your referral processes by rewarding clients who connect you to other businesses. Referrals are generally the lowest cost of acquisition of new business clients. So, accelerating the process and rewarding the participants by using MicroGifts can pay big dividends.

MicroGifts allows a quick acknowledgement of referrals without the logistical headaches associated with physical rewards.

Channel Partner Rewards

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