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One digital platform for Recognition, Rewards and Incentives for your business’s Employees, Clients and Partnerships.


Maximising Employee Engagement, facilitating Staff Recognition, enabling Peer to Peer Recognition, incenting Internal Sales teams, rewarding Support teams, simplifying Expenses


Driving Sales Prospecting, accelerating New Clients Acquisitions, nurturing existing Client Relationships, building Business Referrals


Rewarding Sales & Service Partners, Recognising external Service Levels Performance, driving Lead Generation, reinforcing External Relationships,


Keeping remote working staff motivated & engaged

This is one of the defining challenges for business during the pandemic. While online meetings have kept us in contact, the lack of social team and manager interactions has tested relationships. A MicroGift can be sent instantly to promote goodwill amongst your team - a simple $5 coffee thank you for zooming or contributing can help forge stronger relationships remotely.

Employee Recognition is the biggest driver of staff business engagement

Recognising staff birthdays, service anniversaries and performance awards is an effective way of embracing your staff and encouraging teamwork.

Recognise your Business Support teams such as customer service or IT

Awards for service level KPI's, customer service excellence or safety & compliance can provide instant feedback directly back to those in your business who may not be front of mind or even in the same office.

Empower your staff using Peer to Peer Recognition

Using the MicroGifts app, you can equip your staff with the ability to reinforce behaviours as they occur, instantly sending a reward for workers performing above & beyond, fixing an urgent issue, or going the extra yard to save a client.

Energise your Internal Sales Teams

Reward specific measurable achievements such as lead generation, sales conversions, or new customer signings. Reward them Instantly to link the reward with the outcome, let them celebrate spontaneously with their team.

Recognise Project & Milestones within your organisation

Competing significant projects or milestones in your business can go unrecognised particularly at times when extra resource and commitment is required to get the job done such as moving premises, introducing new systems, events, or peak demand periods.

Save backend paperwork to support employee expenses

Send Per Diem Allowances direct to an employee before they travel to eliminate support documentation or receipts and reimbursements, or send a gift for overtime dinners or taxi travel allowances direct to them prior incurring the expense.


Turbo charge your new client Prospecting engagement

Use MicroGifts to provide incentives to meet, invitations to trial or test drive new products. Offer reward prizes for reviews or responses to invitations and surveys. MicroGifts could be used to offer a sign up bonus and reward instantaneously.

Help nurture new client relationships

Building relationships over time is a challenging part of the client acquisition process, using tools such as a MicroGifts 'Thank You' at the end of a meeting or as part of a follow up, can provide that genuine valued reason to contact prospective clients and be remembered.

Love your Existing Clients by rewarding loyalty

Every business struggles to say thank you to the very people who keep their business afloat. Why not send a personal Thank You to your clients when they reorder, renew, or just stay loyal. Maybe even contact old clients and try to win them back with a 'Remember Us' MicroGifts Offer. Of course, if something does go wrong with a client, a personalised 'Sorry' MicroGift can show you care and instantly reinforces that you value their business.

The largest source of new clients is generally referral

Accelerate your referral processes by rewarding people or clients who send you business. Referral is generally the lowest cost of acquisition of new business clients, so accelerating the process and rewarding the participants by using MicroGifts can pay big dividends.


Rewarding Sales and Service Partnerships can be difficult

Many sales partnerships such as retail or agents are remote to your organisation yet represent your brand, Microgifts can provide a direct conduit to external teams to drive behaviour that supports your business through commissions, SPIVS, or product cashbacks.

Recognising service level performance with external support teams can be challenging

If your business uses external partners for customer service, logistics, or support recognising the actual staff who represent your brand can be demanding, MicroGifts allows you to recognise external support staff instantly direct to their mobile regardless of office, city, or even if they are based from home.

Rewarding external lead generation efforts by partners

If your business uses external partners for sales recognising the actual staff who sell your brand can be demanding, MicroGifts allows you to recognise external sales staff instantly direct to their mobile for leads or sales as they achieve.

Showing appreciation to External Partners

MicroGifts gives your business the tools to instantly say Thank You or to Celebrate a milestone together direct with partner staff or teams.