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How do I permanently delete my account & personal details from MicroGifts?


Account deletion will be available from version 16 and above.
Users may need to update the app to the latest version.

Warning – If you delete as below:

  • You will no longer be able to login
  • You will not be able to check your card balance
  • Your personal data will be deleted permanently
  • There is no recovery option

If you wish to permanently delete your account:

  1. Log into the MicroGifts mobile app
  2. Click the user icon on the bottom left of the screen to visit your profile
  3. Click ‘delete my account’
  4. Carefully read ‘what does this mean’ and click ‘continue’ to proceed with deletion process
  5. A two-factor security code will be sent to your mobile
  6. Enter the security code and click ‘confirm account deletion’
  7. Your account deletion will be confirmed on the next page
    – Your personal details are now removed i.e. First name, Last name and Email address
    – You can no longer login

Your account is now permanently deleted.

If you already deleted the mobile app:
1. You can re-download the app and follow the steps above