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Employee Incentives

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Employee Recognition

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Customer Rewards

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Instant. Rewards

Digital Rewards & Incentives made Easy.

The all-new platform for Rewards, Recognition & Incentives for your business.

One digital platform makes Reward and Recognition feedback instant! Digital MicroGifts are individually configured for your business.

Simply: Add your own headline. Add your own message. Add your own images. And give them what they need. All sent from your mobile phone.

Take engagement to the next level where behaviours can be instantly recognised, success celebrated frequently or loyalty rewarded promptly.

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Why MicroGifts?


MicroGifts are DIY and accessed from a Mobile App or Laptop, so can be sent simply & quickly and as frequently as you would like. Once you are set up you will be ready to send any number of MicroGifts ranging from $5 to $1,000 - instantly!


The MicroGift Programme is simple to set up with no IT required. We configure our platform to create the parameters around your brand, your program themes and your communication and products in around 48 hours.


We configure your company logo, program themes & product types to create a suite of products. You can then individually personalise the messages as you send them either from your computer or via our mobile app.


As a 100% digital platform you can save time and money. MicroGifts is designed for lower value more frequent reward & recognition activity. Combined this is a more effective and easy way to maximise your Reward & Recognition effectiveness. MicroGifts are less expensive than physical cards and provide a far greater impact to instantly recognise & reward behaviours as they occur.


Our MicroGifts use the digital Mastercard card platform – allowing instant redemption anywhere where digital Mastercard is accepted (in store, online, and internationally).

The digital Mastercard is stored in the recipient's mobile digital wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay) and redeemed using contactless Tap'n'Go.


The MicroGifts PaaS ('Product as a Service') platform is fully scalable allowing you to create multiple programmes & products, with the ability to create one or multiple users. The platform provides full visibility of program balances, & team budgets with the underlining protection of user spending control limits. All with Corporate grade reporting.
Send to One – or Send to Many - Instantly.