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Whether you’re rewarding employees for going above and beyond for the business or thanking new clients for choosing your company, MicroGifts offer personalised rewards that will suit everyone.

Gift cards have ranked as the most desired gift for over the last 12 years. But this consumer favourite also translates to the perfect solution for your business’s reward, recognition and incentive programs. MicroGifts allow businesses to instantly provide Recognition and Rewards equally to staff, clients and customers in their business. This drives employee engagement, company values and achievement of essential objectives.

MicroGifts digital gift cards can provide the spark you need to energise your business

When giving a gift, it is often said that it’s the thought that counts. Digital gift cards elevate the reward, recognition and incentive experience by empowering recipients to choose the gift that they want to receive in an instant. For your business, this level of customisation and convenience is crucial for an effective rewards, recognition and incentive program.

Using MicroGifts digital gift cards also allows your business to send customised gift cards with your business logo and messaging. In fact, most people remember how they spend their digital gift card and associate enjoyment of their purchase with the company and individual who gave it to them. MicroGifts allows recipients to spend online and in-store, anywhere MasterCard is accepted from their smartphone device.

With the ability to track email delivery, budgets and total spending, MicroGifts digital gift cards are the most efficient choice for your business’s rewards, recognition and incentive program.

Combining popularity with control ensures your business maximises its return on investment 

The MicroGifts PaaS (‘Product as a Service’) platform is fully scalable allowing you to create multiple programs & personalised products, with one or multiple users. The platform provides full visibility of program balances, & team budgets with the underlining protection of user spending control limits. All with corporate grade reporting.

Send to one, or send to many – instantly.

Instant. Rewards

MicroGifts digital gift cards can provide the spark you need to energise your business. MicroGifts can be tailored to your organisation, so it reflects your culture and brand all the while using the latest most popular technology available in Tap n Go mobile wallets.

We’d love to help you engage, motivate and inspire your team with our innovative MicroGifts service.