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Do you want to earn a meeting with a decision-maker? Do you want more clients and customers? Do you want to earn more referrals? Sending thoughtful gifts in business is a powerful way to do it — if done correctly.

For many business owners, gift giving means sending out Starbucks gift cards or a cheap bottle of wine during the holiday season. But according to experts, gift giving in business needs to be thoughtful, personal and convenient to be the most effective.

The Power of Giving Gifts

Offering a gift is one of the most effective ways to kick start a relationship with a potential client or customer. More so, sending someone a coffee, gift, or lunch helps you appear more human and not someone who is just trying to sell them another solution. You begin to build a relationship with them.

With MicroGifts digital gift cards, senders can customise their digital gift card to include images of their client’s favourite lunch spot, or their favourite café. This feature elevates the business relationship and will often leave a memorable impact on potential clients.

Stand Out with MicroGifts Digital Gift Cards

Standing out to a client or customer is all about breaking the pattern that people are used to, but 90% of businesses are doing what everyone else is doing. If you want to actually reach prospects, your business needs to stand out before making the call.

As a world leading Product as a Service (PaaS) technology platform, MicroGifts uses the latest payment innovations to provide digital gift cards direct to a client’s or customer’s mobile phone. MicroGifts allows you to configure your company logo, program themes & product types to create a suite of products.

In a competitive world, giving thoughtful and timely gifts is a way to cut through the noise to win more customers, earn more referrals and keep those customers longer.

You can then individually personalise the messages as you send them either from your computer or via our mobile app, offering the most thoughtful, personal and convenient gift experience for your clients and customers.