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With most of our days spent at work, the cost of not connecting with those around us poses a significant threat to not only our personal health, but also our performance within the business.

In a post pandemic society, many businesses are still balancing working from home and the office. While there are many benefits to this new work style, loneliness can often affect those in isolated working conditions. When we’re lonely we are less engaged, less productive, and less creative. A recent study showed that employees that felt like they belonged in their workplace had a 56% increase in job performance and a 50% drop in turnover risk. The bottom line? When there’s belonging there’s engagement, and when there’s engagement there’s productivity.

So how can we increase connections in the workforce and in turn, eliminate loneliness and disengagement for our business?

Lead by example

Workplace culture starts with leaders and managers. If you want your employees to exemplify certain traits or values, you first need to make sure that you exemplify them, consistently, day in and day out. Always behave with integrity, transparency and be an example to your workforce. Embody the behaviour and performance you want to see in your employees.

Remember, ‘The behaviour of a business’s leader is, ultimately, the behaviour of the organisation.’

Stick to your company culture and values

A strong culture is one where there’s trust, connection and belonging. If someone told you what their values were but stopped behaving in a way to support them, wouldn’t you question their creditability? The same goes for businesses. As values become less creditable and less practiced, eventually the organisation begins to passively support negative behaviours that undermine the values they sought to protect.

To strengthen connections and stick to your company culture, actively intertwine your business practices so that they reflect the company’s values. This might be taking 5 minutes before the weekly meeting to ask everyone what they are working on or integrating a Friday lunch in the office to grow connections between employees. The focus should be on executing business practices that reflect your company values and culture on a regular basis.

Reward, recognise and incentivise

67% of employees rated recognition as their top motivation for performance after pay. It’s clear that a key factor towards employee connections and loyalty is rewards, recognition and incentive programs. These programs see employees feel empowered, recognised and acknowledged for their work.

MicroGifts allows you to create a rewards, recognition and incentive program that reflects the culture and values of your business. With our balance builder and instant send feature, employees can be rewarded for their work when it matters. To book a free demo with our sales team and understand what MicroGifts can do for your business connections, click here: