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Corporate gift card programs are the central pillar to many businesses loyalty programs. However, traditional plastic gift cards are failing to deliver the advancements that today’s card linked digital reward programs are providing.

Today, we look into the benefits that card linked digital reward programs can provide for your business.

Access to an unlimited range of rewards

For today’s staff reward programs, choice is the key to staff satisfaction. Closed loop gift cards that can only be used at one store or corporation’s brands, sees a limited flexibility for staff to be effectively rewarded.

MicroGifts digital gift cards are open looped to MasterCard, allowing recipients to spend their rewards anywhere MasterCard is accepted both in-store and online. MicroGifts programs also enables businesses to employ rewards for their business that are more closely aligned to their employees wants and desires. This in turn, sees high levels of participation, engagement and retention.

Access to data in real time

MicroGifts reporting allows for a full overview of a company’s rewards program. With the ability to filter most popular senders, recipients and products, customers can instantly pinpoint key data metrics of their own rewards program.

MicroGifts reporting also enables customers to adjust programs and products instantly and therefore manage future marketing and promotion efforts more effectively. With the ability for Users too also customise and personalise every MicroGift they send, businesses can increase appeal, improve customer retention and drive individualised or targeted interactions.

Elevate the rewarding experience.

If you wait a week or so to give recognition, your employee may have already forgotten what they did, or a potential client may have forgotten your conversation. Our focus at MicroGifts is to ensure that your recipients instantly feel appreciated and acknowledged.

With a card linked digital reward program, you’re no longer having to spend the time to order, ship and distribute gift cards. MicroGifts saves you time and money by giving you and your staff the ability to instantly send MicroGifts, that will be stored on the one digital MasterCard on the recipient’s digital wallet.

Promote your brand like never before

MicroGifts digital gift cards allows you to promote your brand like never before. Unlike other digital gift cards, MicroGifts enables you to place your branding where you desire through our fully customisable templates. This sees every recipient experience a fully customised digital reward and ensures your top of mind when recipients view and activate their MicroGift.