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The race is on for a fully vaccinated workplace. Increasingly, with remote working and isolated management, companies are struggling to convey the importance that vaccination will play in developing safer workplaces and getting people back to their traditional workplace.

Businesses in Australia are progressively trying to increase covid vaccination rates with their staff to ensure that their workplaces are safer and less vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks. Digital gift cards are particularly useful for vaccination incentives as they can be sent instantly and contactless, straight to the mobile wallet on the recipient’s mobile phone.

The US has demonstrated that incentives and recognition have an important role to play in getting staff motivated behind this new business safety imperative.

“USA state lotteries have initially helped motivate citizens to get vaccinated. Stage 2 is that businesses are now offering incentives, such as gift cards for employees who choose to help make their workplace safer. Kroger is just one of the large retailers who announced on Feb. 5, 2020 that it will provide a one-time payment of $100 to all associates who receive the full manufacturer-recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.”

So how can Australian businesses use digital MicroGifts to increase the vaccination levels in their own workplace?

MicroGifts digital gift cards are particularly useful for incentives. They can be sent instantly and contactless straight to the mobile wallet and used anywhere Mastercard is accepted using tap & go or online.

A simple approach to reward staff for vaccinations

An email communication to all staff outlining that once they are fully vaccinated, they will receive a $50 “Thank You” digital gift to spend however they like. To validate, they just need to send a copy of their vaccination certificate.

Once received, the program manager sends them a digital MicroGift using the online platform – “A thank you reward for $50” with a personalised message along the lines of “Thanks, you have made our business a safer place to work from the company management team.” Businesses can also be constantly aware of their teams vaccination status through MicroGifts reporting.

The Australian Vaccination Certificate can be downloaded into Apple Pay or Google Pay on your mobile, the same mobile wallet digital technology that MicroGifts uses.


MicroGifts helps deliver a digital solution to foster staff engagement & change the way businesses reach out to potential clients in a personalised & meaningful way.

MicroGifts digital gift cards are customised to suit individual business needs – they are branded and themed with multiple images and messages to maximise effectiveness. As a Platform as a Service, the client business has an online MicroGifts account that holds the templates ready for sending to 1 or many by email. Sent instantly, the gifts are digital Mastercard’s that are held in Apple or Google Pay wallets on the mobile phone. MicroGifts hold live balances, ready to be redeemed on tap & go or online – anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Gift-giving is an important part of human interaction that helps define relationships and strengthen bonds between friends and colleagues. The MicroGifts next generation digital reward platform makes business feedback instant, recognition timely & incentives accessible to all without barriers.

We believe that our technology can help business and Australia stay safe, connected, & empowered during these trying times.