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At MicroGifts, we understand that every digital reward deserves to be customised for the ultimate impact with your staff. With the help of technology and your own creativity – design your own eGift this Christmas to send to employees. Add video, customised images and GIFS to engage with you staff like never before.

Corporate Christmas gift cards tick all the boxes – they are convenient, easy to use, and your staff can spend how they choose. But these standard gift cards can often lack impact. Today, we look at the different ways to design your own eGift with MicroGifts to transform your company’s Christmas message to one that your staff will remember!


A video in a gift card? Yes, you heard us! Linking a Christmas video to your MicroGift can be a much more personal, human, and effective way to bring the festive spirit to your team. More so, you can personally thank your entire staff cohort in a matter of minutes, all while rewarding your team with a customised digital MicroGift Mastercard.

Try recording a Christmas message that resonates with your staff. A 3-5 minute video should be your goal when recording, ensuring that your Christmas message is engaging with your audience. Try including an inside company joke or a memorable company milestone!

Custom Images

Another great way to transform your Christmas gift cards this year is by including a custom image. They are a fast, easy to create and make a more personalised Christmas gift for your team. A great idea to bring the team together for Christmas this year is to upload your latest team photo to your MicroGift. A team photo is quick, easy to organise and provides a far more personalised experience during the festive season.


A GIF will bring your Christmas MicroGifts to life! Using short animation, GIFs are a perfect way to elevate your festive digital gift cards this year. There are millions of GIFs to choose from as well as the ability to make your own and customise your Christmas message the way you choose!

Get in contact with the MicroGifts team to pre schedule your Christmas MicroGifts today!