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MicroGifts has revolutionised custom digital rewards with gift cards that reflect your business. Sending your staff personalised rewards has now never been easier with the ability to send digital gift cards via email and SMS.

As a market innovator, MicroGifts allows users to send eGifts from their laptop using our online platform. Users can also send personalised MicroGifts directly from their mobile phone using the MicroGifts mobile app. Learn how to send digital gift cards via email or SMS.

Why is flexibility important?

Feedback from our customers suggests that environments where time is limited, SMS is the easiest way to send MicroGifts. As contacts in mobile phones don’t always have email addresses attached, sending via text on these occasions is the preferred choice.

Sending a MicroGift via email suits office environments where customers are using the online MicroGifts platform. Using their own account, Customers can load multiple recipients via our bulk upload function and schedule for send on a later date. For special occasions including birthdays or work anniversaries, scheduling MicroGifts via email was the preferred option.

The reality is that whether you’re sending MicroGifts via SMS or email, our eGifts offer a rich customised recipient experience, no matter the sending platform.

As a digital Mastercard, MicroGifts are held in Apple or Google Pay wallet on the mobile phone with live balances. These digital cards are then ready to redeem via tap ‘n’ go or online, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

The MicroGifts platform continues to lead the way in personalised digital gift cards with the ultimate flexibility in instant delivery. For more information, get in contact with us today.