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Sending digital staff gift cards couldn’t be easier with the MicroGifts online platform. Digital gift cards are personalised to your recipient and gifts can be sent in minutes. In a few easy steps, you can send digital gifts to employees, customers and clients that are a one of a kind to your company.

Digital MicroGifts are electronic e-Gifts that are sent directly to the recipients email or mobile. After activating, the digital Mastercard is conveniently stored in the mobile wallet and can be used through tap ‘n’ go or online. A key benefit of MicroGifts is just how easy it is to send personalised digital rewards to your staff, customers and clients. Here are the five easy steps on how to send a MicroGift;

1. Select a program

Programs allow Account Owners to segment budgets, users and MicroGift products. The first step to sending a MicroGift is choosing the program you would like to send from.

2. Select a MicroGift product to send

Once the program is selected, the MicroGift products that are allocated to that program will be displayed. Select the MicroGift product you would like to send.

3. Personalise and add value

Now to the best part! The product template selected can be personalised however you choose. Add the recipient’s name, coloured text and links to make your MicroGift product a one of a kind. Also add the value of the MicroGift between the minimum and maximum values.

4. Add recipient details

Whether you’re sending to one or to many, add the name, email or mobile of the recipient(s) you would like to send the MicroGift to. You can also bulk upload recipients details using an Excel CSV file.

5. Send your MicroGift

Simply press ‘Send’ and your MicroGifts will instantly be sent to your deserving recipients – It’s that easy to send digital gifts to employees!

What will my recipient(s) receive?

Recipients will receive a completely customised e-Gift via their email or SMS. From there, recipients will activate their MicroGift and add the MicroGift Mastercard to their digital wallet. All future MicroGifts will automatically be added to this digital Mastercard, where recipients can view their balance via the MicroGift app.

To view the full recipient activation process – visit our frequently asked questions.