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Digital gift cards are the ideal option for staff rewards and incentives. Stored on the digital wallet, digital gifts for employees are convenient and easy to use. They can also be customised and personalised to develop a greater impact with staff. 

For years, gift cards have ranked as one of the most desired gifts on a global scale. With the recent growth of mobile wallets, digital gift cards have seen a rise in popularity, growing by 90% from 2020 to 2021 according to the CBA. This is compared to the growth of physical gift cards at a steady 6% rate. So why are digital gift cards so popular?

Cost Control

Digital gift card programs are not only highly scalable but can also be much cheaper to deliver than physical gift cards. By going digital, businesses can avoid costs of physical printing and postage. Using digital gift cards also minimises the risk of stock control, with each digital gift card being tracked right to your recipients. No lost gift cards means less admin work – a win, win!

Seamless Recipient Experience

MicroGifts delivers a simple recipient experience. Recipients activate their MicroGift from email or SMS, download the MicroGifts app and add their card to their digital wallet.  After the initial activation to the digital wallet, all future MicroGifts will be stored on the one MicroGifts card. For a full overview of the recipient experience, visit our FAQ.

Digital gift cards elevate the rewarding and recognition experience.

Personalised Recognition

Many consider physical gift cards to be impersonal, lacking engagement and often leading to being unused. Statistics show that Australians waste on average $70 million a year on unused gift cards.

An advantage of MicroGifts is the ability to create a completely customised gift card. Businesses can add their own headline, messages, images, and logos. Redemption is then available anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Digital gift cards significantly reduce security risks as information on digital gift cards are generated at the time of purchase and sent directly to the recipient. Held in the mobile wallet, MicroGifts are almost impossible to lose. Contrast to traditional gift cards that can be lost or stolen, digital gift cards reside on your mobile phone. This provides recipients with ease of mind and convenience.

Variety of Choice

73% of consumers want and demand choice when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Open loop MicroGifts empower your recipients to choose a reward or a range of rewards that best suit their individual needs. Being accessible through their smartphone device, recipients will always have access to thousands of online and in store retailers where Mastercard is accepted.

As the way people use their smartphone change, businesses must keep up with new trends and technologies in the gift card industry. Get in contact with us today to elevate how your business rewards and recognises staff.