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Employee rewards and recognition has been a focus point for many businesses in recent times. Businesses are utilising technology to expand the way they reward and recognise their staff to retain loyalty and expand engagement. This week, we uncover the top five ways businesses are rewarding their staff and customers using MicroGifts digital gift cards.

At MicroGifts, we believe no two businesses are the same and therefore their rewards should be unique and one of a kind to their team. Each company creates their unique digital gift card that is stored on the MicroGifts platform. Attached to their own MicroGifts account, businesses have 24/7 access to send unique digital gift cards to their staff, clients, and customers. MicroGifts can be edited with each send, ensuring each recipient receives a personalised digital experience when they activate.

Looking for different ways your business could reward? Today, we look at the top five ways businesses are rewarding their staff and customers using MicroGifts digital gift cards.

Thank You

When it comes to employee recognition, the verdict is simple: Staff just want to hear “thanks” a little more often. Over 50% of products on the MicroGifts platform are ‘Thank You’ products, proving that a simple thank you MicroGift is showing great benefits for businesses.

Giving thanks on a regular basis has the capability of positively influencing job satisfaction levels of all employees. Even if an employee may not feel the gratitude is directly addressed to them, they will still be able to experience job satisfaction through the positive influence of a grateful workplace culture.

Happy Birthday

We’re all guilty of getting swept away by the workplace routine and forgetting what goes on in our employees lives outside of work. An employee’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for their work.

Happy Birthday MicroGifts are one of the more popular products and for a good reason. Not only can employers personally wish their employees a Happy Birthday, but recipients also can spend their birthday MicroGift wherever they choose. 

Instant Wins

Instant rewards give your customers an added boost every time they choose you over the competition. You can then study their purchasing behaviour to make product recommendations to boost their engagement and loyalty to your brand.

MicroGifts allows you to run your own cash back promotions on products without all the headaches & logistics normally associated with trade promotions.

Service Awards

Recognising service anniversaries and significant milestones with MicroGifts is an effective way of embracing your staff. As a customisable digital gift card, businesses are rewarding staff from one year anniversaries to twenty year anniversaries.

A MicroGift can be sent & received instantly. Also, with the ability to upload and send MicroGifts on nominated dates, you can set and forget knowing delivery is covered.


Accelerate your referral processes by rewarding clients who connect you to other businesses. Referrals is generally the lowest cost of acquisition of new business clients, so accelerating the process and rewarding the participants by using MicroGifts can pay big dividends.

MicroGifts allows a quick acknowledgement of referrals without the logistical headaches associated with physical rewards.