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With digital gift cards popularity on the rise, so too are the use of mobile wallets. With the growing uses of smartphones and contact-less services, many businesses are opting for a digital rewards solution that can be stored on a mobile wallet for the benefit of their employees. Today we look at four mobile wallet statistics that will change the way your business rewards for the better.

When it comes to business rewards, now is the perfect time to introduce a digital solution to your team. Studies show that Australian consumers are moving towards their mobile wallet to make in-store payments due to the ease of use, safety, and convenience.

But using a mobile wallet to store gift cards has become a new concept for many. Particularly businesses who are looking for new ways to engage and reward their team. This week we look at four key statistics that will change the way you reward and prove why digital is leading the way for employee rewards.

1. 85% of Australian consumers have used a smartphone to make an in-store payment, up from 58% in 2020.

2. In retail, 15% more people pay with mobile wallets than cash.

3. The annual global payments report predicts that within two years, mobile wallets will overtake credit and debit cards to become the leading e-commerce payment method by 2024.

4. More than one in three Australians use digital wallets on their smartphones on a weekly basis.

MicroGifts are personalised digital rewards that once activated, sit on the recipient’s mobile wallet. Our balance builder feature also enables all gift cards to be stored on the one digital card in the mobile wallet. This reduces overcrowding in your mobile wallet and provides an easy experience when making purchases in store.

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