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It’s that time of year where incentives and rewards are given to the team to drive end of financial year results or simply spend allocated rewards budgets. But how do you incentivise your team that all hold different interests, are different ages and like to be rewarded differently?

MicroGifts digital rewards are the perfect solution for your end of financial year rewards. Not only do they allow your team to spend however they choose via Mastercard, but they also provide an easy, cost-efficient digital rewards solution for your business.

With the end of financial year approaching, now is the time to organise your digital rewards to get the most out of your team. Here are three keyways your business could utilise MicroGifts this EOFY season


Businesses everywhere are looking for the best ways to spend their EOFY rewards budgets. In many organisations, the adage, ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it,’ rings true for annual rewards spend. MicroGifts enables you to instantly load funds to your online business account. This ensures that while your annual rewards budget is being spent, it can later be sent to deserving employees.


Everyone loves an incentive, and we all work to deadlines. With the 30th of June coming up, it’s a tax effective time for your employees to give their all. Digital rewards are a great tool to incentivise your staff to go the extra mile and subsequently provide a greater return for your business. MicroGifts are personalised and branded to suit your business needs. From $5 to $999, send small frequent gifts or large value rewards.

Thank you

For many industries the end of financial year can be a stressful time that often effects employees the most. The end of June is a perfect time to simply say thank you to your time for the extra effort that have put in. Being the middle of the calendar year, the 30th of June is also a great time to give thanks for the past 6 months.

How to get started:

Simply get in contact with one of our friendly sales team members to see how MicroGifts could best suit your business for end of financial year success.