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Referrals are the most powerful & cheapest form of lead generation for businesses in Australia. A referral program is a growth marketing tactic that seeks to encourage associates of your business to recommend a brand to their customers, business partners, friends and colleagues. Importantly, 54% of businesses say that referral programs have a lower cost-per-lead than any other channels

How can you use MicroGifts digital gift card platform to drive referral marketing in your business? Here are a few ideas:

Thank you

Reward customers or partners for introducing new clients.

  • Offer a specific reward amount for a direct referral’s contact details.


Incentivise customers for endorsing your brand on Google or your website.

  • Send all your customers an email with the link to your review page & send MicroGifts in real time as reviews fly in.

Refer a friend

Reward your customers for sending your information to an associate or friend.

  • Include as an invoice message on an invoice or EDM to your customer base.

Staff recruitment referrals

Reward your staff for finding likeminded employees.

  • Offer a specific amount for successful recruitment introduction.

Staff sales referrals

Recognise non sales staff for spreading the word.

  • Turn every employee into a silent salesperson.

Social media

Reward followers for doing specific actions to grow your base.

  • Turn every follower into an influencer

Ultimately the best referral program offers a specific reward that is a tangible benefit. The timely fulfilment of the incentive also enforces their commitment to recommending your business.

Using the MicroGifts digital gift card platform, rewards can be sent internally or externally in an instant by email or SMS with your customised branding and personalised messaging. Setting up a referral program with Microgifts is easy to setup, manage, & logistically simple.

Get in contact with us today to elevate how your business refers today.