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Having fun at work is essential to employee motivation, creativity and teamwork. It’s also important for the overall culture of your company. If your employees are happy, it makes sense that they would complete better work and enjoy what they do. Looking at an analysis of hundreds of studies, one Harvard Business Review found happy employees are 31% more productive and are three times more creative than those who aren’t.

With this in mind, here are five ways you can celebrate with your staff!

1. Celebrate employee birthdays

Remembering your employee’s birthday will make them feel special. You can easily send a MicroGift digital gift card instantly on the right date. Your staff could even buy lunch to treat themselves that day from home or in the office, making their day more enjoyable.

2. Reward milestones

Every employee wants to know that their hard work is valued, and often times this isn’t happening enough. When reaching an important milestone in a project, you could send a personalised MicroGift to reward your staff, recognising their achievements.

Celebrate with your staff

3. Reward teams

Recognising team performance with lunches & social activities can be a great way for employees to bond with each other outside of work and have fun together. Sending a MicroGift to cover a team lunch or drinks will allow teams to create solid friendships, enabling better collaboration in the future.

4. Start a peer recognition program

Peer recognition programs are a great way to recognise and celebrate the team members who are doing their jobs well. Empower managers to quickly reward peer nominations for outstanding behaviours with a digital gift card, remembering that millennials love to be instantly recognised for a job well done.

5. Create an achievements board

Creating a fun work environment can be as easy as introducing an office ‘wall of fame’, where managers publicly recognise their staff. Images of the employee and their accomplishments can be put up to congratulate staff efforts, enhancing workplace culture.

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