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Digital gift cards are becoming Australia’s favourite way to reward staff & the start of a new year is the perfect time to re-engage staff with a digital rewards program – one that celebrates birthdays, milestones & achievements.

While staff love the personal flexibility & choice that gift cards provide, your business can also save time and costs by using a centralised eGift platform.

The MicroGifts platform can provide one central point of distribution and tracking for all your business rewards & recognition transactions. Our program capability also enables different business departments to segment budgets, MicroGift products and users. From Birthdays to Monthly Sales Rewards, MicroGifts allows you to store and easily send digital gift cards to your team from the one, easy to use platform.

one digital rewards program

The key benefits of having one digital MicroGifts program for your business includes

Immediacy – Once an account is setup, MicroGifts can be sent instantly across the office or the country. This ensures that there are no ordering & logistics issues and rewards are streamlined for true convenience.

Control – The MicroGifts platform as a service model allows you to set spend limits by user and program. The MicroGifts platform also enables your business to segment budgets by department, proactively managing your company’s spend on rewards.

Tracking – Using a single online platform gives you end to end visibility of spend, who sent and who received across your entire business. This can be incredibly powerful when financial controllers & auditors are looking for spend justification.

Standardisation – Using branded digital gift card designs, every MicroGift sent conveys consistency of brand & company values. Stored on the one digital platform, MicroGift digital designs can be accessed at any time via the mobile app or platform PC.

Tax Effective – Gift cards given to staff don’t incur income tax (applied up to 47%) so they enjoy the full value of the gift. When correctly used gift cards can also be FBT, payroll tax & super contribution exempt.

MicroGifts provides a single point of reference for all gifting and rewarding activities in your business. By using one business account with management user controls, MicroGifts can give your business control & standardisation for a seamless rewarding experience.

Get in contact with us today to introduce one digital rewards program into your business.