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Case study – Running a casual staff rewards program

Key Results:

  • The results after 5 months was a 29% reduction in casual staff turnover and a 38% improvement in fulfilling shift commitments.
  • Warehouse experienced higher staff engagement & motivation to show up to work & honour commitments
  • Staff loved that the digital MicroGifts sent weekly were loaded instantly onto the same Mastercard

In the run up to Christmas a Sydney based large warehouse with a huge causal workforce were faced with the reality of many employers – staff not showing up for their rostered shifts. This dramatically impacts their business, as roster commitments being unfulfilled at critical times leaves their service KPI’s under pressure.

To align their annual casual staff Christmas bonus with their casual roster compliance, they designed a casual staff rewards program. In this program, staff were incrementally paid their Christmas bonus every week to align the business objectives. Over an 8-week period casual staff were paid a Christmas Bonus of $15 a week if they worked all rostered shifts as committed.

So, each week for 2 months, 150 employees were given a MicroGift via an individually personalised digital gift. This was sent instantly the week following if they fulfilled their roster commitments for the previous week.

‘Each week I compared the roster with attendance & uploaded the spreadsheet into MicroGifts to send staff each gift. Within minutes, staff were downloading their gifts. It was easy & fast each week.’ – Office Manager
Casual staff rewards

Using the MicroGifts “Balance Builder” feature, staff were able to build their bonus on a single card over the 8-week period and spend as they wished anywhere that Mastercard is accepted from their Mobile Wallet. Our digital gift cards allowed the employees to choose rewards that were most meaningful to them.

‘I loved how I could choose where to spend my gift card. One day I treated myself to a nice dinner after work, another day I spent it on groceries at the shops!’ – Casual staff member
Casual staff rewards

This positive reinforcement each week meant that staff were more motivated to commit to their rostered shifts, because they knew they’d receive a MicroGift bonus if they did. This led to over 1,000 MicroGifts being sent in the 2-month period, which the warehouse company had full access to in their reporting on our online platform.

Case Study Summary

The results were overwhelmingly positive. By having rewards tailored to the individual needs of the workers, this helped create a more positive work environment & increased engagement among casual staff.

Overall, after 5 months there was a 29% reduction in casual staff turnover and a 38% improvement in fulfilling shift commitments.

Hence, this case study highlights the power of MicroGifts used in a simple tailored incentive program aligning staff behaviours & rewards with business objectives.

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