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The rewards & recognition market has taken a big step towards digital solutions. Long gone are the days of going to the post office, ordering plastics cards & experiencing all the logistical headaches that come along with it.

Businesses now want easy, flexible & effective employee rewards that can be sent out in minutes. That’s where MicroGifts comes in. Our online platform helps your business embrace the digital transformation of gift cards.

We provide you access to our online platform, so you can send staff eGift cards quickly & easily, saving your business time and money. At the same time, employees receive their digital gift instantly, & they can spend this anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Staff eGift cards

The key benefits of our digital solution

Online account – Within hours, you can set up your account with us & access the platform to send gifts via your computer or mobile in minutes

Send gifts instantly, anywhere – You can send gifts across the office or country from the comfort of your desk or home office – no need to leave your desk!

Instant payment – Loading funds to send gifts is done quickly & securely. You have the flexibility to choose how you top up your account.

Personalised & customised – Our platform gives you the ability to tailor your gifts to match your brand & values, plus the gifts are personalised for each employee.

Tracking/reporting – Using a single platform gives you end to end visibility of spend, and you can see who sent & who received MicroGifts across your business.

Mobile first – Think MicroGifts, think mobile first technology. Our focus is making senders & recipient’s life easy by using digital Mastercard’s that can be spent anywhere online or using Apple & G Pay Tap n Go.

MicroGifts provides your business with the opportunity to send staff eGift cards that offer the most flexible & user-friendly solution. Find out more about how MicroGifts works here.

Get in contact with us today to transform your staff rewards & join the digital revolution.