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Create your own MicroGifts template with multiple display options and combinations. Starting with a blank canvas, take your gift card designs for rewards and engagement to new heights. All digital gifts are stored in your online account – making ‘Gift Sending’ instant, easy and affordable.

Long gone are the days of handing out physical gift cards to the team, with little to no design to reflect your business. MicroGifts is a completely customisable digital gift card that allows you to cater your rewards to suit every team member. At MicroGifts, we understand every business and team is different and your staff rewards should reflect your team’s unique culture.

Today, we uncover the different elements that make up a customised digital MicroGift.


In 2022, uniqueness is a major selling point. Gift cards aren’t anything new, and most designs typically aren’t inspiring. However, with custom branded MicroGifts, your digital gift cards will be as unique as your business. After all, your business isn’t like any other business; it’s special, so your gift cards should reflect that.


In a world where most gift cards look the same, a custom design can be a huge advantage. With a custom design, your gift cards will help you stand out from the competition because they’re unique to your business. A headline captures your team in an instant. Add names for a personalised feel to your MicroGifts.

Design a gift card

Product Image

Uploading your very own unique product image can elevate your MicroGift to new heights. Unlike physical gift cards, digital MicroGifts come alive through images that resonate, excite, and interest the entire team. Whether it’s the company logo, an inside joke or even a picture of the team – product images take your staff rewards to the next level and will be sure to engage the team.


The value of MicroGifts can range between $5 – $999. Unlike other digital gift card services, MicroGifts allows you to set the amount of the gift card live when sending. Whether it’s a $37 taxi ride reimbursement, or a $999 long service award for a well-earned employee – MicroGifts gives you the choice.

Alternatively, you can select fixed values for your MicroGifts at any amount between $5 – $999.


We’ve all been taught to open the card before we unwrap our gift. The special sentiment or message added to your MicroGift can elevate the effect it has on employees Write a personalised message or an inside joke to elevate the rewarding experience for your staff.

Get in contact with us today to elevate how your business rewards and recognises staff.