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The world is increasingly conscious about its carbon footprint, and businesses are no exception. With the goal of reducing waste & promoting sustainability, businesses are now seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint & make environmentally conscious decisions.

If your business rewards employees with plastic gift cards, you might think that the environmental impact is minimal. However, this couldn’t be further from reality.

Plastic gift cards are often made from PVC. This material is not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to decompose. According to a 2020 report, there are about 10 billion gift cards created annually that make up 50,700 tons of plastic. This creates an immense environmental impact.

One area that businesses are exploring to reduce their carbon footprint is the use of sustainable eGift cards for their employees.

How MicroGifts helps companies be more environmentally responsible:

  • No plastic – since MicroGifts is digital, there is no physical card to produce, package or ship. This saves on the energy & resources required to manufacture & transport plastic cards.
  • Reduced waste – compared to plastic cards that end up in landfill, MicroGifts are digital and do not generate any physical waste. Once someone receives a MicroGift, it sits in their digital wallet on their mobile – so no waste is produced.
  • Efficient Distribution: digital gift cards are distributed electronically, sent instantly via email or SMS. This eliminates the need for physical transportation and significantly reduces the associated transport & logistics carbon emissions.
  • Higher usage rate – given that a MicroGift card can be spent anywhere, the likelihood of the card being used & not wasted is higher than plastic. Plastic cards tend to be locked into 1 retailer & are often forgot about – leading them being unused & disposed of.

In summary, by only relying on sending gifts via email or mobile, MicroGifts removes the plastic, transportation, and disposal elements from the gifting cycle. With no shipping or logistics, MicroGifts provides a much greater impact to instantly recognise & reward behaviours as they occur in a more personal way.

Therefore, if you are seeking a more effective way to show appreciation to your employees whilst also being environmentally responsible, consider using our 100% digital gifting platform in your business.

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