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Keeping employees happy & motivated is vital in the modern workplace. One way to achieve this is to recognise & reward your staff’s hard work and dedication. However, if you’re relying on plastic gift cards, managing an employee recognition program can be time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, that’s where MicroGifts comes in. MicroGifts is a 100% digital gifting platform that allows employers to send digital gift cards to staff quickly & easily, saving both time & money.

One of our clients, Fetch TV, experienced this first-hand. Distributing plastic cards to their staff involved leaving the office to buy physical cards from a supermarket, then going to the local post office & mailing the cards out.

Back in the office, expiry dates of cards had to be managed, as well as the hefty paperwork that came with it, creating a logistical nightmare. Once Fetch TV switched to MicroGifts, they never looked back. This is because with MicroGifts they gained a far superior gifting experience for both admin staff & employees. Managing an employee recognition program couldn’t be easier for them now.

employee recognition program

So, how exactly does MicroGifts help you save admin time & money?

Let’s explore the key benefits in more depth:

1. No physical gift cards to manage: With MicroGifts, you don’t have to worry about buying plastic cards, storing them & managing the expiry dates of the cards. You simply log into our platform to send gifts and easily see all your recent transactions & activity all in one place.

2. Send gifts from your desk: Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can conveniently send MicroGifts instantly from your PC! The entire process is online – so this means the entire send out can be completed in a few minutes, freeing up valuable time for HR & admin staff.

3. Cost effective gifting: By using MicroGifts, you no longer pay the expensive delivery & registered post fees incurred when sending plastic cards. With MicroGifts, you only pay a small fee for the gifts you send, regardless of the amount. Thus, you can reward & recognise staff without breaking the bank.

4. Instant delivery: Unlike traditional gift cards, which take days if not weeks to arrive & pose the risk of being stolen in transit, MicroGifts are delivered instantly to your employee’s mobile phones & are securely stored on the eWallet. They can then be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted, so employees love it!

To summarise, MicroGifts is a powerful tool that can help you save admin time & money whilst maximising your employees enjoyment, making them feel appreciated & valued.

Try MicroGifts today & see the difference it can make to your employee recognition program.