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In today’s rapidly evolving mobile centric work environments, reward & recognition of employees is increasingly needing to suit fast & busy lifestyles. eGift cards on mobiles with Tap & Go capability have become a favourite among employees.

By rewarding employees with digital gift cards, they can now spend their cards anywhere, they are more memorable and are super convenient. By embracing this digital solution, businesses can easily engage their staff & keep them happy.

Let’s explore why digital gift cards have become the #1 choice for employees.


Gone are the days of employees receiving a gift card that is restricted to specific stores that don’t interest them. Employees now want to have freedom over where they spend their gift card.

With MicroGifts, you can now reward your staff with a digital gift card that can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted, both in-store and online.

Whether staff want to treat themselves to a nice dinner, shop for their favourite products or book a weekend away, employees are empowered to enjoy their rewards on whatever they choose.

“It’s great that I can choose where to spend my gift card. It makes me feel a sense of freedom & that the options are endless” – Sarah, recipient

More memorable

There’s nothing more impersonal than staff receiving a generic plastic gift card that can easily be forgotten or misplaced.

The MicroGifts digital gift cards are loved by employees because they include a personal message from their employer, aligned with the company branded eGift, which gives them a sense of recognition & appreciation. Employees then develop a stronger emotional connection to the business, which boosts engagement & workplace culture.

One account

Having a wallet full of plastic gift cards, with each one having a different balance is not the ideal situation for your employees. It’s inconvenient & frustrating.

MicroGifts solves this problem for you as all employee’s rewards add onto the same gift card that sits in their mobile wallet. This ‘balance builder’ technology allows for staff to easily spend their gift card from their phone, with only one card that sits in the wallet. It’s easy, efficient & super convenient.

Easy app

Typically, when employees receive a plastic gift card, it’s difficult to check the balance & view where & when they spent this card.

With our user-friendly app, your employees will have easy access to their card balance, their transaction history & full card details for online spending. It’s as simple as that.

Get in contact with us today to see the positive impact digital gifts can have on your business – no commitment needed. Try us risk free & if you don’t love us, you’re free to leave us!