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The new generations in our workforce expect more, in a mobile-first world, they want recognition and rewards that reflect their busy lifestyles. Ultimately, rewards that can reflect their values of convenience and flexibility while being aligned with your business through branding and personalized, provide a much better impact on employee engagement.

Younger generations appreciate the instant and always available mobile nature of MicroGifts, with the spend anywhere anytime functionality, particularly over old-fashioned planned purchase-orientated rewards (remember having plastic Myer cards that expired in your drawer!).

With that in mind, here’s how you can drive engagement with personalized MicroGifts rewards:

The Personal Touch: Making Employees Feel Special

Enhance the personal touch of your gifts by incorporating your employee’s name into their gift.

This small but significant detail adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness, making the recipient feel genuinely acknowledged and appreciated. It is a powerful way to create a stronger sense of connection, especially in situations where remote work may otherwise create distance.

Crafting Your Message: A Personalized Approach

Feel free to include any message of your preference with the gift. You might want to express gratitude to your team for their dedicated efforts throughout the past year or extend congratulations for achieving a noteworthy milestone.

The addition of a personalized message provides an opportunity to acknowledge and incentivize their positive actions.

The Power of Visual Gifts: Tailoring the Graphic to the Occasion

The first step in creating a meaningful gift is understanding the occasion at hand.

Is it a birthday celebration? A work anniversary? Or perhaps a moment to acknowledge the team’s dedication? Tailoring the graphic to the specific purpose will enhance your ability to establish deeper connections with your team.

The Brand Logo: A Symbol of Connection

Incorporating your brand logo into the MicroGift guarantees that the recipient will immediately associate it with your brand upon receiving their present. This connection is bound to cultivate stronger positive affiliations with your company.

The Magic of Timing: Why It Matters

Have you ever received a gift at just the right moment? Your company sending you a free brunch right on your birthday – It’s a feeling that warms your heart and etches a memory you will cherish forever. This is the power of timely gift-giving, and it is precisely what MicroGifts can provide with gift scheduling.

With the MicroGifts platform, you have the option to either send a digital gift card right away or plan its delivery for an ideal date and time. Whether you’re sending a birthday surprise or recognizing someone’s accomplishments with a service award, the impact of receiving it at the perfect moment cannot be underestimated.

So, next time you’re pondering over the perfect moment to send a personalized digital gift card, remember MicroGifts.

Reach out to us today to incorporate a personalized approach into your staff rewards program.