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Employees love a Christmas bonus gift card (it is the preferred gift for 80% of people), but your business also gets some major benefits beyond value. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, finding the perfect way to express appreciation, foster loyalty, save on taxes, and streamline operations can be quite the challenge.

With Christmas is just around the corner, this is more of a reason why you should start planning Christmas staff gifts. It’s a moment to share the joy by being generous and one solution that checks all these boxes is the use of our gift card, MicroGifts. Let’s explore how various roles within a company can benefit from using gift cards for Christmas gifts.

Who loves Christmas gift cards?


We guarantee that your employees will absolutely love MicroGifts! Why? This is because unlike traditional gifts that may not align with individual preferences, our gift card offers staff freedom of choice, allowing them to spend on what they truly desire and where they want to spend it. Plus, with no income tax applied (on gifts up to $300) they get the full value of the Christmas gift to spend.


Say goodbye to the administrative and logistic hassles of traditional gift-giving, such as ordering, packaging, and shipping. MicroGifts can offer a better alternative that saves time, energy, and resources. Admin can now send gift cards from the comfort of their desks within minutes.

People & Culture

MicroGifts provides one central platform to manage employee rewards & incentives, people & culture can focus on driving engagement & loyalty rather than administration tasks. Upload one employee list at Christmas and send all staff Christmas Gifts direct to their mobile, in minutes rather than days.


Your company brand is at the heart of every MicroGift! We offer the opportunity to provide branded gift cards, which not only show gratitude but also serve as an excellent promotional tool. It is a great way to keep your company in the minds of your employees and clients.


We are all aware that every penny counts, especially for the CFO. Using the “minor benefit exemption“,  businesses can save significantly on tax expenses eliminating Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), as well as payroll & super obligations. This makes it a cost-effective choice for the company. Plus, with tracking on every gift the CFO can see expenditure dates, gifts amounts and recipients should there be a need to review or audit expenditure.


As a CEO, it is important to recognize & reward a motivated and loyal team. Giving personalized company branded gift cards allows you to reward and recognize the hard work, dedication, and contribution of your employees to the company’s success, boosting morale and fostering a positive work environment built on gratitude and mutual respect.

Contractors & Partners

Contractors & Partnerships play a crucial role in many organizations, especially in outside support such as IT departments or logistics. MicroGifts allows you to extend your appreciation to these valuable team members, strengthening your working relationships and ensuring their continued support.

The flexibility of MicroGifts digital gift cards empowers everyone in your business. This Christmas, give the gift that everyone in the company loves!

Let us help you get the most out of staff Christmas Gifting! Contact us today!