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In the business world, digital gift cards are becoming the number one gift for Christmas. Staff love the fact that they are able to use their digital Mastercard on Apple Pay or Google Pay to spend when & how they desire. The popularity of the digital gift also stems from employers knowing exactly when their staff receive their Christmas gift, being delivered on time – every time.

MicroGifts as an online digital gift card platform allows businesses to have an account ready to send gifts to staff instantly. We also have the capability to schedule future arrival of all digital gifts, no matter the occasion. Staff Christmas gifts can be scheduled to arrive on the last working day before Christmas ready for staff to use once they are on holidays for Christmas break.

How does it work

MicroGifts can be prepared weeks ahead of the busy Christmas period by uploading a recipient list with a future dates & times. This guarantees that staff receive their MicroGifts at the most appropriate time & with no reliance on logistics.

Gone are the days of ordering your custom branded cards 5 weeks ahead, printing envelopes, and licking stamps, then proceeding to put them in the post and hoping that they arrive to recipients on time. This year’s online ordering explosion during lockdown will also likely mean clogs in logistics providers and many physical orders may not arrive on time. With MicroGifts digital gift cards, you can relax this Christmas – knowing your entire team’s Christmas gifts are pre-scheduled for delivering.

Get in contact with the MicroGifts team to schedule staff gift cards today!