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Targeted, Timely, Frequent, Reflective & Valued… Welcome to the digital revolution of balance building.

Our balance building feature is designed for building engagement with higher frequency & multiple lower values for continual performance recognition & instant enjoyment. MicroGifts uses a single digital MasterCard in your recipient’s digital wallet to accumulate multiple gift amounts to build an instant live balance available to spend anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of live balance building

MicroGifts is designed for building frequent engagement with multiple lower values for continuous performance recognition & instant enjoyment. Rewarding and recognition is also instant, meaning recipients can feel appreciated and recognised in the moment. This next generation of reward and recognition drives engagement, retention, and satisfaction with your employees, customers, and potential clients.

Take engagement to the next level with balance building. Behaviours can be instantly recognised, success celebrated frequently and loyalty rewarded promptly.

How does it work?

Unlike other digital gift cards, The MicroGift Proxy Card stays active in the recipient’s mobile wallet. As more MicroGifts are sent to the recipient, The MicroGift Proxy Card value grows in value to use anywhere MasterCard is accepted, through tap n go.

It’s clear that Aussies want to get their shopping done quickly and painlessly. With a retail sector that moves in harmony with the consumer, contactless payments have helped Australia become the seventh most cashless society on the planet. For a country that prides itself on keeping it simple, balance building and tap and go are the way of the future for the rewards, recognition, and incentive industry.