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The global benchmarks in employee rewards & recognition highlight alignment with business goals, customisation, flexibility & timeliness.

Overwhelmingly, gift cards are now the most popular method of rewarding employees. In contrast, digital gift cards provide the ultimate flexibility to recipient’s inconvenience, always available on their mobile how they choose, considering employees’ diverse preferences and motivations.

Designing your own gift card ensures you can capture your company’s values and branding in your engagement process while personalising to the individual. Ultimately, having an e-gift you feel reflects your business & aspirations helps drive employee engagement.

At MicroGifts, we can tailor each gift to your audience to maximise its effectiveness for your business. Your recipients enjoy the freedom to spend when and where they choose.

Flexibility in Design

When creating your gift card, MicroGifts allows you to design and add unique details to the gift cards.

Starting with a blank canvas, you can add the essentials such as the brand logo, headline, product image, any value, and personalised images to enhance your business’s brand representation and improve effectiveness.

Traditional gift cards limit you to promoting the brand on the gift card rather than your company. In contrast, MicroGifts can create any gift for any occasion and event with the flexibility of designing and personalising your gift card.


Each MicroGift can be Automatically personalised to the individual as you send by inserting names in bulk lift and allows you to send personal notes when you send directly to an individual. You have complete control over the message, amount, and design of the card to be sent out.

Using Microgifts as your next gift idea will make the gift more unique and personalised to the receiver, add an emotional touch, and create a stronger relationship.


Once you design your gift, it is always available for you or others to use on the centralised platform. Every time you send, you have the freedom to control the amount and messages of the card to be sent out.

With individual login profiles, you can manage the budget & amounts each user can send, all the while allowing full tracking for internal reconciliations.