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Cashback promotions are a cornerstone of modern business strategy, offering a powerful tool for companies to boost sales, enhance brand visibility, and forge stronger relationships with retail partners.

Cashback promotions using Gift Cards are a key marketing strategy that benefits both consumers and businesses.

How to run a Cashback Promotion

Let’s explore how they work and why they are effective:

What is a Cashback Promotion?

  • In a cashback promotion, when customers purchase a product, they can later claim back a predetermined amount of the purchase price.
  • Essentially, it reduces the overall cost of the transaction for consumers.

Why Do Consumers Prefer Cashback Offers?

  • Real Value: Consumers perceive real value in cashback versus discounts.
  • Simplicity: Cashback mechanics are easy for consumers to understand and for brands to communicate.
  • Tangible Benefit: Cashback offers provide a tangible benefit by giving them a percentage of their purchase price back or a fixed dollar amount.

Why Do Suppliers Prefer Cashback Offers?

  • Cashback Offers: can be accounted as marketing costs, rather than discounts which decrease the top line sales revenue numbers with marketing costs directly aligned to sales results.
  • Cashback Redemptions: allows Marketers to collect Customer details and create the ability for ongoing database relationship for Communication moving forward.
  • Selective Redemption: Only a percentage of eligible customers apply for their rebate, allowing brands to stretch their marketing budget and offer more generous incentives.
  • Execute Across Channels: Effective trade promotions leverage multiple channels to reach consumers wherever they shop. Embrace omnichannel marketing strategies that encompass traditional retail, e-commerce, social media, and mobile platforms. Coordinate messaging and promotions across channels for a seamless and cohesive brand experience.
  • MicroGifts can be fully personalised & branded to support your marketing and brand loyalty efforts.

How can MicroGifts Help?

  • We let you focus on Marketing by making the fulfilment logistics easy.
  • MicroGifts custom branded Cashback Gift Card rewards can be sent direct to consumers by SMS or email from as little as $5 with zero logistics and low setup costs.

Logistics of Fulfilment:

  • The ease of use and convenience of sending cashback rewards directly to mobile or email addresses offer numerous benefits for businesses and customers.
  • By simplifying the redemption process, providing instant gratification, and enhancing security and flexibility, businesses can create a positive and rewarding experience that fosters loyalty and drives repeat engagement.

Data Collection:

  • Data collection from cashback submissions is essential for businesses to understand their customers, personalise marketing efforts, and improve the overall customer experience. 
  • Suppliers can create the data capture with website forms that consumers submit, & simply forward the spreadsheet for Cashback sending, alternatively MicroGifts can build the form, database, and collect the information on your behalf.
  • Once you have collected your customer data through your redemption process these details can easily be added in bulk to your email communication lists.

Some recent Cashback MicroGifts examples;

  • Mobile Handset Preorder – place an order for new product prior to launch and receive a $200 bonus Gift Card
  • Solar Panels – confirm your order this month for the purchase and install of Solar Panela and receive a bonus $100 Gift Card.
  • Consumer – With each purchase of Vitamins you can claim a $5 Gift card.
  • Vehicles – Purchase your car this month & receive $300 in Petrol Gift Cards

We can help ….

Partnering with MicroGifts empowers businesses to execute cashback promotions seamlessly at a reasonable cost. With MicroGifts, you can design your promotions, engage with customers across multiple channels, and streamline the redemption process. Our user-friendly platform drives customer loyalty and satisfaction and opens new opportunities for growth and success.

In fact we can setup the process for you end to end, from cashback redemption to cashback fulfilment all through our website and platform.

If you are thinking of running your own Cashback promotion, contact us to see if we can help, they are easier to run end to end with MicroGifts than what you think. Just email us on or call 1300 000 889.

Or for more information and ideas visit our Cashback Rewards page