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Digital gift cards have rapidly taken over the gifting industry in recent years because they are the convenient & efficient alternative that everyone loves.

Customised digital gift cards are a great way to show appreciation to employees & clients in a personal & meaningful way, especially during the holiday season.

There are endless reasons why digital gifts have overtaken plastic, but here are a just a few:

1. Sending & receiving instantly

No more ordering plastic cards, only to wait weeks for them to arrive. With MicroGifts, you can send gifts in minutes from your mobile or PC and they will be received instantly. Your employees can spend their funds however they wish, whether it’s treating themselves to a coffee, a new pair of shoes or a Christmas lunch.

If you’re thinking about signing up to send gifts instantly, check out our Christmas offer.

Customised digital egifts

2. Easy spending from mobile wallet

Recipients can accumulate funds on their digital Mastercard & conveniently spend via the mobile wallet. No more plastic cards filling up in the drawer & being forgotten about. Simply Tap ‘n’ Go – it’s as easy as that.

3. No delays or missing cards

Right before Christmas, there’s nothing worse than delivery delays or cards going missing. When a Melbourne charity sent their volunteers either a MicroGift or plastic card in 2021, all digital MicroGifts arrived before Christmas, whereas 50% of volunteers didn’t receive their plastic card in time for Christmas.

You can learn more about this case study here.

4. Scheduling gifts

Wouldn’t it be great if your gift card could arrive exactly when you want it to? With MicroGifts digital cards, they can! Using our scheduling feature on the platform, you can easily select a date & time for your gift to arrive. You can schedule your MicroGifts to arrive at the perfect time, so your employees can spend their rewards on their Christmas break.

5. Personalisation

Personalising digital gift cards is a standout feature that plastic cards cannot achieve. By including the recipient’s first name & writing a personal message, this amplifies the gift to another level. Your employees’ hard work can be appreciated & celebrated in a meaningful way.

6. Better for the environment

It’s no surprise that digital gift cards have taken over the market, as they are more environmentally friendly “zero plastic” option. Digital cards are stored on the mobile wallet, so no plastic is needed! It’s a win – win, better for the planet & for your employees.

With Christmas just around the corner, get in contact with us today to send customised digital gift cards your staff will love.