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In today’s modern workforce, it is vitally important for businesses to focus on improving culture & keeping their employees motivated, engaged and productive. One way to boost morale & to improve engagement is to consistently reward and recognise staff for their efforts.

MicroGifts takes employee rewards & recognition to the next level, as we provide a central digital platform that companies use to instantly send eGifts to their staff.

Even better, you can try out our platform risk free with our current offer – Love us or leave us. We know you’ll love us so there is no commitment needed if you sign up today. Request a quote to find out more.

Let’s explore a few reasons why you’ll love MicroGifts and how it can transform your employee gifting experience.

1. Convenience at your fingertips

Recognise your staff without having to deal with the logistical headaches that come with traditional gift card programs. MicroGifts takes the hassle completely out of employee rewards.

Our 100% digital platform allows you to simply send gifts from your desk in just a few clicks. No postage, no delivery or card expiries. You have full visibility & tracking of each gift sent via our centralised platform.

Employee rewards

2. Completely customisable

When it comes to employee rewards, we understand how important it is to deliver a personalised gift. With MicroGifts, each gift you send features your own branding and a custom image or video of your choice.

You also have the flexibility to include your employee’s name in the gift & write them a personal message. At the end of the day, your employees will remember where their gift card came from & will feel appreciative & valued by their team. Find out more about how you can customise your MicroGifts in our recent blog.

3. No IT Integration

When you think of introducing a new rewards & recognition program, you might be thinking of some sort of complex integration.

With MicroGifts, we simply provide you and your authorised users with access to our online platform that can be accessed via PC to send gifts in minutes. It’s a seamless and easy integration into your business.

4. Instant Recognition

Gone are the days of waiting for plastic gift cards to be delivered to your employees. With MicroGifts, your employees receive their digital gift cards instantly on their mobile phones & they can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Our gift cards provide instant appreciation that creates a sense of immediate recognition.

Get in contact with us today to simplify your employee rewards & recognition program and see the positive impact it can have on your organisation – no commitment necessary. Try us risk free & if you don’t love us, you are free to leave us.