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The key to a thriving and motivated workplace is consistently rewarding & appreciating employees for their hard work & commitment to a business. Traditional gift card programs that are used often lack the excitement & personal touch needed to really inspire employees.

That’s where MicroGifts comes in. Our personalised digital gift cards provide businesses with a way to take their employee rewards to new levels, helping to boost morale and productivity.

Here’s how MicroGifts will help level-up your employee rewards:

Personalised reward

Rewarding & recognising your employees with a gift that is personal to them is crucial for enhancing morale & improving motivation in the workplace.

With MicroGifts, you’re able to personalise the digital gift cards sent to your employees. You can feature your employee’s name & write them a personal message to say a simple thank you, congratulations, or a cheerful happy birthday. It’s a gift they won’t forget.

Custom company branding

When rewarding your employees, you ultimately want them to engage their mindshare to remember it came from your business.

Your business can achieve this by creating a customised digital gift card that features your logo, brand colours & messaging. When your employees receive the gift card, they will be reminded of your brand, fostering a sense of loyalty & culture in their workplace. Find out more about how you can create your customised gift here.

Rewarding on the spot

Timing is crucial when it comes to employee recognition. Employees want to be rewarded for their efforts instantly & effectively.

With MicroGifts, your business can reward employees on the spot, appreciating their efforts as they happen. For instance, if someone in your team works overtime & goes above and beyond for a project, you could send them an eGift card on the same day to recognise their hard work.

This not only makes receiving the reward more exciting, but also reinforces positive behaviour & motivates employees to keep it up.

Freedom of choice

For employees, the power of choosing where they can spend their rewards is a strong motivator for behaviour. However, traditional plastic gift cards don’t allow for the freedom of choice & often lock employees into 1 retailer.

Since MicroGifts cards can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted, they provide employees with freedom of choice & cater to their individual preferences. Whether they treat themselves to a nice lunch or buy their favourite pair of shoes, this promotes a sense of autonomy & freedom.

Get in contact with us today to transform your employee rewards & create excitement in your business. Try us risk free & if you don’t love us, you’re free to leave us!